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How to choose the right eyewear for your face

Round, butterfly, cat model... you really don't know which sunglasses to choose based on the shape of your face? In this article we give you some advice on the right choice, just in view of the arrival of summer. Among our collections we have different frames and as many colors, so we are well aware that this is a rather difficult decision, but don't worry.


For those with an oval face, free rein to the imagination! This type of face, having fairly balanced proportions, lends itself to any frame. Nonetheless, attention should still be paid to general harmonisation. Naturally, if the oval face is small, a lighter and smaller model is recommended (for example our Aurelio), while if it is large, you can dare with a frame of larger dimensions (in this regard, take a look at our Anna and Silvia).

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Heart face

If you have gentle features, with a non-elongated face and a slightly thin chin, then you have a heart-shaped face shape. Linear features like yours are, without a doubt, easier to manage, even in the choice of frame. In fact, you can have fun choosing among the most varied, but be careful not to make mistakes that can compromise the general harmony of the face. The elegance of your face shape requires more square frames and our Silvia, in its many colors, is perfect for you!

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Unlike the previous shapes, too big and tall glasses are not recommended for round faces, as they would further resize the face (we recommend our Giovanni models). 

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As for the square face, we recommend a frame that contrasts its geometry and angularity, such as our iconic Cat Eye and Giovanni

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